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Throughout my life, I've developed several helpful ways to enhance my ability to see Signs, interpret them, and take action. I've found these to be quite helpful to open, reopen, or keep open, my senses, so I can receive the Signs around me.

There are many ways to help ourselves remain balanced and prevent a gray mist from surrounding us. The examples below are by no means the only way to help reach clarity, openness, balance, and happiness in your life, but I do hope it helps.


In the morning, I love to dance before I meditate. I discovered this by accident. One day, I turned on what I thought was meditation music when it was, in fact, lively dance music. I swayed and moved to the strong rhythm for the five minutes it lasted. I felt so good when it stopped! My whole body was buzzing, and the inner turmoil I experienced earlier that morning was gone.

After I sat down, it was easy to get into a meditative state. No more chatting monkeys in my brain, just peace. Since then, I usually combine dance and meditation. It often brings fantastic insights into what I'm going through, or sometimes a new creative idea pops up out of nowhere. I keep a pad and pen close by so I can jot down what comes to my mind.

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There is an exercise I like to use when I wake up, especially when I feel some uneasiness about something I can't put my finger on. It's a two-page side-by-side assessment that can be virtual or written down. Sometimes, I do it even before getting out of bed. Here's how it works:


  • On the left page, I visualize or write down all the positive things in my life I should be thankful for. Family, job, health, talents, friends, etc. I even list the little things that make me happy. It's typically quite a long list.

  • The right page is for all that is wrong in my life. Even though life is never perfect, I find that once I write down the list of grievances and then take a moment to consider their impact, many of them suddenly diminish or disappear.

As a result, only a few things or none remain for me to gripe about. Of course, major trauma such as death, divorce, etc., require a different approach. However, when I wake up feeling less than perfect, this little exercise helps me start the day on a more positive and solid footing. It gives me the perspective that, after all, I have it pretty good. My heart is full of gratitude.

When I don't need to do the above gratitude ritual, I like to start meditating by being thankful in general for what I have. It opens my whole being and puts me in a more receptive place to let peace enter my soul.

Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

* Be Aware of the Synchronicities in Your Life

Open your eyes and your mind's eye, especially when you're experiencing a challenging or an important period of your life and you need guidance. You'll notice a link, a thread between events that seem unrelated at first. To do so might bring clarity. Because the information is so valuable, it's a good idea to keep a journal of Synchronicities.

* Remain Open but Grounded

When you see Signs, don't be obsessed and try to find every single meaning. When your mind is open and your body relaxed, you'll effortlessly get the Message, and it might be very different from the one you would have perceived if you tried to dissect it.

Remember that Guides and Angels are walking beside you to provide help when you need it. That should allow you to relax knowing that you're surrounded by loving entities.

* Via Dreams


  1. Before going to bed, mentally ask your Guides and Angels for assistance and guidance regarding a problem you need help with. Or write it down on a piece of paper and place it on your bedside table or under your pillow. Keep the request short and simple.

  2. As you're falling asleep, silently repeat your request over and over.

  3. Keep a pen and paper near you to jot down (if you can) whatever comes through your dreams. You might get exactly the answer you need. Or it might suddenly come to you the next day.

Stay True to Yourself

When we entered this life, we still, at first, remained connected. There was no separation between this dimension and the other. As we grew up, that separation increased until we stopped connecting with our Guides and Angels and forgot where we came from.

The key is to remain true to ourselves and keep our inner child alive and present—the purity of their heart is your true essence. Reconnect with it. It's where your power is.

Your inner child knows more than you think. Let them lead you to see life through their eyes. Let them help you enjoy the simpler things in life. Let them guide your heart to appreciate what's placed on your path.

With an open mind, you'll see beauty where there is ugliness. You'll see goodness in the heart of people even if they don't see it themselves. You'll see humor and beauty in many instances when others see nothing. A star, a voice, the beautiful song of a bird, a sudden refreshing breeze caressing your face, wonderment in the eyes of a child looking up at you, the presence of a loved one—all of these will become daily Winks from Above in your life.


Today, open to your inner child and try to see, hear, or sense a Wink from Above placed on your path. How does it make you feel?

Share Positivity and Inner Joy


Follow your intuition and provide a smile or a kind word to someone you feel needs it.

Maybe your Guides are asking you to transmit a message of love to someone in need. Be careful not to force yourself, or it might seem out of place and awkward. Wait for the moment when, deep inside, you feel someone's pain. Then let your smile come from your heart, and the right words will appear. Try it. It brings so much joy and makes you walk taller afterward. I know it always does for me.

Positive Thinking

Negativity begets negativity. It's essential to keep a positive attitude when facing challenges. I'm not saying it's always possible, but there are many cases during which a little bit of humor goes a long way.


I love to close my eyes and use images. Imagination can help a great deal when I have no control over a temporarily unpleasant situation. Ah! The power of unbound imagination!

The next time you're faced with a disagreeable (yet temporary!) situation, and you have no control over it, let your imagination step in and create a different scenario.

Pay Attention

It's not always easy to stay in the present, but it's essential. True, when the present is temporarily unpleasant, I use my imagination to alter reality. But that's not the kind of disconnect I'm referring to here. I'm talking about those times we internally disconnect from our true selves by projecting ourselves into unpleasant past events or scary future scenarios.

This is when we must remember to come back and stay in the present—and pay attention. That's when the magic can happen. Then it becomes easier to see Signs and perceive the Messages our Guides are trying to convey with more clarity.

It's equally important as we do this to open our hearts. That's when the Signs and Messages placed in front of us can be clearly seen, interpreted, and used without interference.


The next time you catch yourself reliving painful past events or imagining frightening future scenarios, make a conscious effort to come back to the present—to center yourself. Take a few deep, controlled breaths, go for a short walk, work out, or listen to music. It might be all you need to help you snap out of the negative mode you're in.

Be in Silence

We live in a world of constant noise and agitation. However, many of us feel lonely, down, or just off-center when in total silence. It's not unusual for someone to turn on the TV or play music to feel less alone.

However, while some types of music may be great ways to elevate our mood, constant music isn't necessarily healthy. It can be parasitic to the mind and prevent us from thinking freely. Being swayed by sounds to act or feel a certain way impedes the freedom to let our thoughts flow.

I'm not saying that music, in general, is not a good thing. It can lift our spirits or help us reach mental states that are very desirable. However, sometimes, when all is still, thoughts from deep inside can come forth in a clearer way and not be drowned out by distracting sounds.

Besides, total silence doesn't really exist. If we pay attention, the wind, the waves, the rain, the birds, the cars, the ticking of the clock are sounds that surround us.

Angel Numbers

I think of Angel Numbers as little Winks from Above. They are reminders throughout my day that I'm not alone. Each number has a meaning, but I don't always check all the details. I just know that someone from the other realm is watching over me, and this alone is comforting.

There is a lot written about the number combinations. If you're curious, go on the internet or buy a book to get all the specifics. The most important thing to remember right now is that when you see a number repeatedly, check its meaning because it's a Sign that someone from the invisible realm is trying to communicate with you.

Adopt the Heart of a Child

To look at the expression of wonderment and the glee in my two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter’s eyes warms my heart. This ability to find beauty and happiness in the simplest things is still within all of us, but it's buried under the many layers of years of adulthood.

The way my granddaughter discovers and explores her environment is such a delight and a reminder of how to look and revel again at all that surrounds us. It helps me to rekindle the excitement of looking, listening, tasting, and touching that I have taken for granted most of my adult life. Simple joys abound. We just have to let them come into full view.

I can still surprise myself when I discover that I'm singing to my house plants or apologizing to a flower I need to remove or cut. I find it helpful when I have to trim a bush to ask it to guide my hands to where I should or can cut it. People say that I have a green thumb, but I believe it's simply because I appreciate and respect everything animate and inanimate in Nature and seek their counsel whenever possible.

The key to being able to increase our ability to see and interpret Signs, as well as to connect with our Spirit Guides, is to be open, relaxed, and curious, just like a child. That innate, even innocent quality is still there within all of us, even though it may be buried under decades of "adult" thinking and "real world" challenges.

We adults tend to overthink and get lost while overanalyzing a Sign. It's not always a bad thing, but sometimes having the spontaneity of a child helps us learn while remaining in touch with our true self.

Follow your inner child. Their heart is pure, they are wise and their knowledge greater than you can imagine. That is where you can find your true essence. Your inner child is never tainted by human drama.

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