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Everything is made of energy... Our thoughts, our body, our creativity, our health, our actions, ourhomes... all of it is energy. Energy creates life and life circulates or recycles energy. And it's always our choice as to how we handle that energy... our thoughts, our creativity, our health, our relationships, etc.

You may have heard the story or explanation that we are drinking Cleopatra's bathwater... that is to say, that the water (which is fluid energy) has been recycled and recirculated through the millennia and centuries. Everything already is in existence in the form of energy, and then it's up to us as to how we manipulate or handle that energy to create our life, our relationships, our experiences...

The wonderful thing about it all is that it's always our choice. This is the most powerful realization we can come to in this lifetime... that we choose our thoughts, our experiences, our relationships, our everything. Those choices are the building blocks of our future.

However, because those choices are not always conscious, that is the glitch in the system of creating heaven on earth. To make our dreams come true, we must consciously choose our actions and our thoughts. We must step away from automated thinking and knee-jerk reactions and decisions, and consciously make the choices that are ours to make... which is all of them.

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Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"




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